Michal Kokowski, Different faces of ... (2009)

Different faces of Nicholas Copernicus. Meetings with a history of interpretations (in Polish).

Warsaw: Institute for the History of Science, PAS, Krakow: Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2009, ISBN 978-83-87992-67-5; pp. 676.


The monograph is an introduction to the Copernican studies. It is the first of its kind in the literature. It concerns mainly the achievements of Copernicus, as well as some elements his biography.

"[...] the main aim of this monograph is to provide readers with a comprehensive set of information about the different interpretations of scientific accomplishments (as well as the elements of biography) of Nicolaus Copernicus on the basis of extensive literature review of this topic. This book aims to stimulate readers to make their own successful Copernican studies, protecting at the very beginning of the students of these scientific research from scientific infantilism and opening their eyes to the still unexplored threads of the thought of Nicolaus Copernicus" (from Introduction to the book, s. 26).

For writing this book the author received in 2010 The Nicolaus Copernicus Scientific Award of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.

(Out of print)



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