The Nicolaus Copernicus grave... by Michal Kokowski

The Nicolaus Copernicus grave mystery. A dialog of experts (Kraków 22–23 II 2010). Edited by Michał Kokowski.

Kraków: Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences 2015; ISBN 978-83-7676-196-1 (hard cover), pp. 316.

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From the Introduction to the book:

„On 22–23 February 2010 in Kraków was held the scientific conference «The Nicolaus Copernicus grave mystery. A dialogue of experts».

The conference was organized by the six institutions: The European Society for the History of Science; Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, The Commission of History of Science of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences; The Committee of Philosophy of Natural Sciences of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences; The Institute of the History of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Tischner European University.

The aim of this conference was to discuss the controversy surrounding the discovery of the grave of Nicholas Copernicus and the identification of his remains. For this reason, all the major members of the team the grave of Nicolaus Copernicus and the critics of these studies were invited to take part in the conference. It was the first, and so far the only such meeting where on equal rights can speak out both the supporters and the critics of the thesis that the grave of the great astronomer was discovered and the fragments of his skeleton were identificated. [...]

In this book, we present the results of the conference — the full texts of papers or their abstracts submitted by the authors. In the latter case, if possible, the additional information has been posted on the other texts published by the author(-s) on the same subject.

The texts presented in this monograph were subjected of several steps of review, both open and anonymous. [...]

I draw the attention of the readers of this collective monograph on the fact, that on its cards they can find the contrary theses proclaimed by different authors. However, it is not at all a disadvantage of this book. The idea was to show the diversity of opinion prevailing in the community of scholars, and thus to create opportunity for a future creative exchange of ideas.”

Prof. Michał Kokowski, Habilitated Doctor
the initiator and manager of the conference and the scientific editor of the monograph

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