Field work in Henri Pittier National Park (Venezuela)

(photo: R. Laskowski)


  • Latest notice: The 2021 course will run from 26th June to 15th July in La Gamba Field Station in Costa Rica - have a look at the itinerary for an overview of how the course is organized. COVID-19: please note that due to the unpredictable situation we are not able to tell whether the course will be indeed possible in 2021. The field station La Gamba has been booked for 10 students and 2 teachers and we are hoping for the best. We cannot, however, guarantee anything at the moment, as you are all probably aware of. Hence, we recommend that when calculation your ECTS points for this semester, you should have a "backup" of 10 ECTS.

  • Costs on site: The full cost of the course is ca. 1500 Euro per student. This covers accommodation, food, transportation, use of laboratory space and field assistants/guides on site. Don't forget to secure some extra pocket money. Students of the Faculty of Biology, Jagiellonian University, are subsidized at a rate 2000 PLN/student. The remaining costs are covered by course participants. Students from other universities are welcome to join the course depending on place availability and have to cover 100% of the course cost.

  • Transportation: Course participants cover all transportation costs to the destination. The return flight from Poland to the destination usually costs around 4000-4500 PLN but the actual cost can vary widely (3000 - 5000 PLN), depending on the date, the route and the starting airport (e.g., it is sometimes substantially cheaper to start the trip from Warsaw or Berlin - please check all possibilities).

  • Introduction, general information about the course (pdf). Note that the information given here is based on past courses in Venezuela. Terms and conditions for the coming courses may differ!

  • Course participant's equipment list

  • Candidates have to register for the course in advance personally with me (Inst. Environ. Sci., room 2.1.2, or by email). Registering at USOS is not sufficient and does not guarantee a place.

  • Notice for students from other universities: If you are from another university, be advised that you still have to fulfill all course requirements, that is you must have completed a course in general ecology, the "Tropical ecology" course offered by Jagiellonian University or equivalent and you must be pretty fluent in English.

  • Important notice: to participate in the course you have to complete the Tropical Ecology course WBNZ-849 first!

  • So far, all course participants tell that the course is worth the effort... :)

Other options to study tropical ecology and biology: tropical biology courses organized by Tropical Biology Association. The courses take place in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar and  Borneo.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences is the TBA member, and our students are eligible for significantly reduced course fees!