Marian Bubak
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Dr. Marian Bubak
Institue of Computer Science / Cyfronet

AGH University of Science and Technology

Kraków, Poland


Section Computational Science, Informatics Institute

Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Marian Bubak has an M.Sc. degree in Technical Physics and Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is an adjunct at the Institute of Computer Science and ACC Cyfronet AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland, and a Professor of Distributed System Enginnering at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

His research interests include parallel and distributed computing, grid systems, and e-science; he is the author of about 200 papers in this area, co-editor of 28 proceedings of international conferences and the Associate Editor of FGCS Grid Computing.

In the CrossGrid Project he was the leader of the Architecture Team, the Scientific Coordinator of the K-WfGrid, the member of the Integration Monitoring Committee of the CoreGRID, and the WP leader in ViroLab and GREDIA EU IST projects, and he is the strategic Planning Team leader in PL-Grid Project