Robert Janusz, S.J., Ph.D.

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Bazylika Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa w Krakowie: Latitude: +50:03:44 (N); Longitude: -19:56:56 (E); Elevation above Sea Level: 210 m;
Temperature: (mean) ca. 6-10 degrees C (max. ca. 35 deg.C); Atmospheric Pressure: ca. 955-1020 mBar; Humidity: (mean) 77%; Wind Speed: (mean) 3 m/s, max: 25 m/s;
Earth: Radius: (mean) 6.371E6 m; Mass: 5.97E27 g; Temp.: (mean) 14 deg.C (-89..58 deg.C); Sidereal Period: 23:56:4.1; End of Rodinia: 750E6 y; Solar Nebula: 4.5E9 y; Aphelion (Jul 4): 152E9 m (1.02 AU); Perihelion (Jan 3): 147E9 m (0.98 AU); Orbital Period: 365d06:09:09.76 with Speed (mean) 29.78 km/s; Longitude of Ascending Node: 348:44:21.69; Argument of Perihelion: 114:12:28.18;
Sun: G2 (yellow dwarf); Distance to Galactic Center: 27 kly; Speed(CMB): 552 km/s;
Milky Way: SBc (Barred Spiral) 300E9 stars (the oldest: 13E9 y); Diameter: 100-120 kly (20-37 kpc); Thickness: 1 kly;
Universe: Age: 13.798E9 y; Diameter: (obs.) 93E9 ly; Cosmic Microwave Radiation: 2.72548 K.



It is performed inside the Jesuit tradition of finding God in all things.




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In the domain of informatics (computer science), he deals with databases, scientific software, client-server applications, GUI, and similar. He writes programs basically in languages based on the object-oriented paradigm and SQL.

In the domain of astronomy, he participates in the international project of the CCD photometry of star clusters, in which data obtained at the Vatican Telescope VATT play an essential role. This project uses the Vilnius Photometric System to analyze, classify, and study stars and interstellar matter.

In the domain of philosophy of nature, he is interested in the issues of field theory, computer science and mathematicity of the world (the Mathematical Program for the Universe). Recognizing the split that took place in culture, dividing it into a humanistic and scientific one, he tries to merge them, primarily based on ethical and theological global perspectives.

The Vatican Observatory motto:
"Deum Creatorem Venite Adoremus"
on the telescope building in Castel Gandolfo