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Tadeusz Sozański

Welcome to the place in the Internet where I am at home. Witam na mojej stronie domowej, miejscu w Internecie, gdzie jestem u siebie.

(Notice that n in my surname, pretty common in the Web, has a diacritic which marks the pronunciation like that of Spanish n with tilde or French and Italian ‘gn’; pronounce sz in my first name as English ‘sh’).



(po polsku-in Polish)

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Jacek Szmatka

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I am solely responsible for the content, structure, and visual form of my cell in the Web. As regards graphical shape of the documents placed here, I did no more than an amateur could do by himself with the use of a wordprocessor endowed with a facility to export HTML files. Thus, you will not find here any gimmicks. Instead, I will do my best to make the content of my website always up-to-date.

Having discovered the benefits of Internet as a medium of communicating with the world of science and world at large, I decided to go it alone and started my website in April 2004.

Its layout is as simple as that of an ordinary book. What you are reading now is the front page and the author’s foreword. The table of contents (on the left-hand side) lists the chapters already written. A special chapter is devoted to the late Professor Jacek Szmatka (1950-2001). He founded the research center with which I was affiliated from 1990 to the end of my work for the Jagiellonian University. I also placed a link to my current workplace: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Pedagogical University (Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny) in Kraków.

My specialty within the social sciences, mathematical sociology (mainly, applications of graph theory and game theory) is an international enterprise. That’s why English (its US variety) is the default language of this website. There will be no parallel Polish version, yet texts in Polish are also available here, first of all, in the section on my teaching activities.

I'm not on Facebook nor do I want to join any Internet community, yet I welcome exchange with non-anonymous users of the Web who share my interests.

Tadeusz Sozański


Last modified: February 17, 2014